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Eleven things I Shannon would put in my shoe box

1. I would put the six medals my Granddad got given in the war to remind

me what a great Granddad he was.

2. A picture of my family because they are such a lovely family.

3. The collar of my cat a great playful cat.

4. I would put the necklace that my Mom helped me make to remind me

of what a lovely Mom she is.

5. A poster of Green Day to remind me of my Sister. It is her favourite and
will remind me of what a lovely sister she is.

6. A Vodacom phone to remind me of what a lovely dad is.

7. A picture of my grandpa and my grandma because they are so nice to

8. A picture of my granny because she’s a nice granny.

9. A book about a horse because I like reading and I like horses.

10.The DVD of Quest for Gold which is the play that the grade 1, 2 and 3

11. A picture of my whole entire family because they are all soooo nice.

If you, Keisha came to my town...
If you came to my town I'd take you to Ratanga Junction and show you all the cool rides there. We would visit the Muizenberg water slides to show you the huge water slide there and all the other ones.
I'd take you to my house and we can climb my favourite tree for climbing (and the only one.)
I'd take you to Boulders beach to show you all the penguins there there are sooo much penguins there are even some eggs at the moment.
I'd take up the cable car to see the lovely view and all the dassies up there.
I'd take you to Cavendish to see all the cool movies and to Kauai and we can have something to drink and eat.
I'd take you to the big ice rink and show you a new trick I just learnt.