=Michelle's page=


Ten things I Michelle T would put in a shoe box.

1. I would put a picture of my family because I love them.
2. I would also put pictures of my dogs honey that passed away and spice my favorite dog and peppy the active one.
3. My teddy bear that I made it reminds me of my mom that I love.
4. A feather from my bird because I love it.
5. My favorite book Spy force Spy force reviled because I love spy books.
6. A scrap book of my holidays because they are so exiting.
7. My planet manger book because it proves that I am a planet manger.
8. I wood put my love for my family.
9. My Bible to show my love for Jesus.
10. I will put a DVD of my play Quest for gold.

If YOU came to MY town.

I would take you to Table Mountain we would go in a in a cable car .
I would take you to Ratanga Junction on monkey falls.
I would take you to Kirstenbosch for a Picnic.
I would take you to MTN ScienCentre to see the Camera Obscura you would see the whole of Cape Town from above.
I would take you to Boulders beach to see the penguins.
I would take you to Green Belt in Costantia for a bike ride and then we would climb all the trees.