Kelly's page


1. A picture of my Grandfather because my daddy is always telling me about him.
2. A T-shirt of my build a bear to remind me of him where ever I go.
3. My name badge because I love t o be at school.

4. A shell from Seychelles because it’s my favourite place to be.

5. The collar of my cat because he’s so cute.

6. A picture of my family and me because I love them.

8 My favorite pearl In the whole world because it gives me luck.

9 purse that my mommy gave me to remind me of her.

10 A Gold-Wing badge because I’ll know that he’s the best father I ever had. My Dad likes to ride motor bikes and one day so will I.

If you came to my town we'd go to Boulders Beach and play in the sea and watch the penguins swim. Also we can go to [[ |Canal Walk]] and get you a Build a bear . If you dont know what a Build a bear is this is what it is. It's a bear that you can get clothes for and you can dress it in the clothes you bought for it. And you can get them in many different animals. We can also go to the snake park we can ride on camels and play with the peacocks. From your friend Kelly F please send back a letter.