Jesse's page


Ten things I would put in my shoebox
1. A picture of my dogs Shadow and Cleo because I play with so much.
2. I like to play on my Nintendo DS I play more brain training.
3. A picture of my family because I love them so much.
4. A picture of my Grampa because I loved him so much.
5. A Hanna Montana book. I have 5 of them. I like them because she sings so well!
6. A picture of my school badge to remind me all the fun things I did there.
7. My favourite treat is Jellytots because they are yummy.
8 . A diary to remind me of my life. It is good so far.
9. My Build –a-bear because I love my build-a-bear.
10.My bible to remind me of God and Jesus.
Jesse C.

If you came to my town
If my friend Kyle M from Willards Elementary in USA came to my town, I would take him to Grand West to go ice skating and to get some ice-cream and we would go to Ratanga Junction we would go on a lot of rides we would go to the park we will go on the swings we would go to my house and play Nintendo Wii we would also go bowling to Build-a-bear and get a build-a-bear for you . and we can go to the MTN ScienCentre we can go to the camera obscura. We would go to the movies and go see high school musical We would go to Kirstenbosch(click on virtual tour)and see beautiful flowers and we could go to Bizzy Body's and go on jumping castles and we would go to Boulders Beach to see the penguins and we would go to Grand West and go carting .