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Jenna F. The 10 things I would put in my shoe box.

1. Two collars of my two dogs because they are my best friends.
2. A picture of my family because I love them.
3. A picture of the binoculars that belonged to my Grandpa from World War 1 and World War 2.
4. A picture of my fairy garden because they are very kind.
5. My beads from my fairies because they are very pretty.
6. I would put my favourite book in Princess Poppy because it’s about ballet and I like ballet. I love dancing.
7. I would put my cousin’s CD because she is famous. She sings beautifully and she sang with Cheryl Crowe.
8. I would put my favourite DVD because I love it.
9. My picture of a princess in because it is a pretty picture.
10. My certificate from my build a bear because I love her.

If YOU came to MY town

If you came to my town there are lots of thing's to do there is Ratanga Junction there are lots of games there is the Crocodile Gorge you have to steer a boat, there is a monkey ride and you have to do nothing. There are lots of thing's to do at Ratanga Junction. It would be great to visit Kirstenbosch. We could go to the MTN ScienCentre as its really fun. I would take you up Table Mountain and we would see the whole of Cape town from above. On the week end we could go on a bicycle ride and we could go to the Virgin Active Gym in Constantia. We could go in the swimming pool and I would like to take you horse riding because it is fun.

From Jenna.