Holly's page


Ten things I would put in my shoebox Holly E.
1.I would put a picture of my animals because I LOVE them SO much.
2. A picture of my Grandpa who passed away in 2007 after Christmas.
3. My Grandpas Bible to remind me of Him.
4. My Bear Patchy because he is my best buddy ever.
5. My locket with my pets and family’s picture inside it.
6. My uniform from Springfield because it is the best school ever.
7. A shell from Seychelles - the best place in the world.
8. A picture of my dog William because he is my dog and I LOVE him.
9. My teddy that my Grandpa gave me.
10. A picture of my best friend Olivia.

If you came to my town

If you came to my town I wood take you to the mall and the Two Oceans Aquarium . Then we wood have a ice-cream. After that we would go home and ride the horses. At night we would put toothpaste on my sister's face and have a midnight feast.