Helen's page


10 things I would put in my shoe box (Helen M)

1. A picture of my best friend Michelle because we often make

secret hide-outs.

2. My favorite teddy Bears there names are Frosty, Frisky,

Uni and Lucy , Tendele .

3. A picture of my Family because they look after me.

4. A picture of my dog Asterix because I love him so much.

5. My favorite book called “Secrets” because it is all about lots of

different friend ships.

6. A picture of my class because I love learning with them.

7. My diary because it reminds of lots of things.

8. My Irish dancing Medals because they make me think of Irish


9. A map of all the countries so I know where to go.

If you came to my town

I would take you to the waterfront to see all the ships and listen to the band play.
I would take you to Ratanga Junction it is a fun water park .
I would also take you to Table Mountain and we could go up in a cabel car there are lots of walks on top.
We could come to Springfield and I could show you my classroom and teacher.
We could go to lots of walks in different parks and forests because they are so beautiful. We could go ice-skating at Grand West .It has disco lights.
We could also go to my house to see my dog and garden.
We could go to the MTN ScienCentre to see all the stuff there we could also go upstairs to the Camera obscura.