Georgia's page


Ten things I would put in my shoe box (Georgia N)

  1. A picture of my family because they are special to me.
  2. A picture of one of my favourite handsome horse Duke because I will ride him when his hoof is better.
  3. My little African porcelain doll.
  4. My favourite book because it is lovely.
  5. My stamp collection
  6. My money because it’s good to keep money safe.
  7. My sweetie collection to keep my sister from stealing them.
  8. My secret Diary because it is secret
  9. My little soft fluffy pony
10. A video of my favourite movie

If YOU came to MY town

I would take you up Table Mountain and instead of walking I would take you up and
down the Cable Car and we would see dassies and I would take you to Kistenbosch <follow link to virtual tour> and we would catch tadpoles and frogs. We would go to the WaterFront and have a look at the fishes and seals and horse riding on the beach and go splashing in the water and to Build-A-Bear and get a bear and dress it up and give it shoes. We could also go to the MTN ScienceCentre and do some experiments.