Crissi's page


Ten things I would put in my shoebox (Crissi)
1. A picture of my favourite Golden Retriever dog, he is called Timothy.
2. My favourite book “Famous Five” reminds me of all the Adventures I’ve had in my life.
3. A toy dinosaur to remind me of my brother.
4. A CD to remind me of my favourite pop star “Hannah Montana”.
5. A video of me riding on my pony.
6. My favourite game.
7 A picture of my family.
8. My “Secret Pillow Diary”.
9. My love for my Grandmother and Grandfather.
10. My favorite perfume called Angel because it reminds me of my Gran.

If you Nate came to my town...

I would take you to the MTN ScienCentre and show you the see-saw that goes around.
I would also take you to Ratanga Junction and we would go down Monkey Falls. (its really exciting)
We would go horse riding on the beach and we would go swimming with our horses and have a fun time.
I would take you Ice-Skating on the big rink and show you some tricks.
I would also take you to Build-A-Bear and get a white Build-A-Bear with blue spots.
We'd go climbing huge trees and hide in the leaves.