Bianca's page


Ten thing I would put in my special shoe box ( Bianca M)

1. I would put a picture of my dog Fudge when he was small.

2. I would put my favourite book from Secret Seven because I love

reading Enid Blyton books.

3. I would put a picture of my kitten because I love him.

4. I would put a collar of my dog Dusty.

5. The DVD of the play we did Quest for Gold.

6. I would put my c… for my Build a Bear


If You came to My town.

I could take you to visit Table Mountain instead of walking up we can go up on the cable car.

We could also go to the MTN ScienCentre as its really fun.You could go and see the train that goes in a circle very slowly. We could stay at my house and see my baby bunnies. They are so cute.

We could go to Ratanga Junction its so cool on the Monkey Falls.
from Bianca