Ayla's page


Ten things I would put in my shoebox Ayla M
  1. A jacket of my of puppy because he was very cute and was my own.
  2. A picture of all my dogs and me. They are called Bow, Bimbo and Sasha and they are boxers.
  3. A picture of me on June 7 because it was the first June I have climbed up a sand dune in Namibia.
  4. A picture of me and my dad on his boat in the E……...
  5. My good luck doll from Namibia to remind me of my cousins.
  6. A picture of my friends and me to remind of Springfield.
  7. A picture of me climing up Table mountain.
  8. A picture of me when I was a baby eating a roll the size of my head to remind me of all the funny things that had happened.


If you, Shawn came to my town
I would take you to build a bear and we'd have a heart beat in it. After that we'd go up the cable car on Table Mountain and we'd see lots of exiting things like dassies. Then I'd take you to the M.T.N. ScienCentre and we'd build a wall out of plastic then we'd bash it down. I would like you to see my school and all the rooms. Next I wood take you to Ratanga Junction and we'd go on the Kobra. We will have such fun.